Self-Publishing Program

The goal of the National Association of Home Based Businesses self-publishing program is to identify the next generation of small business authors, consultants and speakers. NAHBB is putting particular emphasis on up-to-date business information such as books and manuals for the 200 business trade groups it currently services.

Why Self-Publish?

Most manuscripts submitted to conventional publishers never get opened. It can take as long as two years to bring a book to market. The NAHBB can shorten that time considerably. A majority of books published conventionally are either contracted by the publishing company or submitted through an agent. Traditional book publishers must sell upwards of 20,000 books just to break even on a new book. This is difficult to achieve with a new author. For this reason, most unsolicited manuscripts carry a rejection rate of one in every 100 or higher.

The advantages of self-publishing?

  1. Editorial Control - the book reads the way you want it to, you select the editor you want to use.
  2. Design/Layout - you control your books cover design, content and layout
  3. Faster Publication Time - publish your book in 1-2 months instead of 1-2 years with conventional publishers
  4. Retention Content Rights - you get to keep the rights to your book and can get a larger share of the profits.

Introduction Stage

The author must submit finished copies of his/her book and be willing to print additional copies once it is accepted. The NAHBB's promotional division will conduct a market test for 6-12 months to determine the potential market size.

After this test period, the author will be offered either a subsidized or a full publishing service contract. If the book is not advanced, the program will assist the author in selling his/her reserve copies, and the author can maintain the introductory agreement. Any book that is not accepted can remain in the program for up to three years, providing it meets our minimum annual sales volume.

Self-publishing has never been easier or more affordable than it is today because of new printing and communication technologies. New digital printing technology has made it possible for short run publishers to cut the printing time and cost in half. Short run copies may be from 200 books to 5,000 copies.

Subsidized Publishing Program

This is the second stage a book goes through after it has passed the introduction stage. At this stage the author and the publisher have a good idea how well the book might sell. Our subsidized program is different from vanity publishing program. With the new publishing arrangement both the publisher and the author have access to the same knowledge, which help develop an informed agreement.

The author subsidizes the expanded print runs and will retain a larger share of the royalties.

Our staff will assist in preparing the new and updated manuscript, including editing, layout, and promotions. Press releases and complimentary copies of your book will be mailed to radio and TV talk-shows in your area. This stage requires a signed agreement for a minimum number of years.

Full Service Publishing

After the author has completed the initial steps and has a proven sales and distribution track record, the book will qualify for the NAHBB's full service publishing program and all future costs of printing and promotion are provided by the publisher. Publications that are accepted for our full service program are provided in-house assistance with writing and editing of the new manuscript.

Many self-publishers have difficulty marketing their publications. The NAHBB's full service publishing and promotions division will help authors publish their books and market them throughout the United States, Canada and the rest of the world. Our full service publishing program also uses traditional book wholesalers and retailers to assist in the marketing of our books.

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