The National Association of Home Based Businesses (NAHBB) has established a publishing and marketing division for books and manuals. This division will specialize in small and home business publications. The NAHBB had two primary reasons for starting this division. First, is to introduce niche market publications that service small and home based businesses. Second, is to publish how-to-books and manuals that will include small business training.

The NAHBB currently recognizes more than 200 classifications of home based businesses. Consequently, it's and is finding it increasingly difficult to obtain the type of useful business information necessary to help members start and grow successful business ventures. One of the biggest problems faced by the NAHBB when servicing a newly created Business Trade Group is determining how to preserve information for future use. A book is an excellent way to preserve information needed. Because the NAHBB can service business trade groups with rather small market niches, it has a major advantage over a traditional publisher who can not and earn a profit.

The NAHBB believes it can help a self-publisher publish and market his niche market publications successfully. Selected publications are marketed and distributed through our private distribution network. It includes two on-line bookstores, independent distributors, business service outlets, and a book and speakers guide.

Our publishing and marketing service include:

Preferred Publishing Program

The Preferred Publishing Program identifies individuals and companies that provide publishing assistance and support for writers of small and home business books and manuals. Some writers qualify to become strategic partners and service our book publishing and marketing network. The network includes special marketing consultants who can help self-publishers choose the right marketing and distribution system for their publications.

The Preferred Publishing Program is comprised of professional book consultants, publishers, book brokers, agents, packagers, book marketing agencies/franchises, and publishing support specialists e.g., writers, editors, indexers, printers and graphic artists.

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